Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sketching in Milton

Yesterday I joined the Urban Sketchers Brisbane for a morning of sketching. We met at La Dolce Vita in Park Road. I had been able to find a place for my car near Milton House a rare surviving example of 1850s Georgian architecture, so spent the hour’s parking time doing a quick watercolour sketch.

Milton House - ink & watercolour Zeta Sketchbook

Moving around the corner, I stopped for coffee at Mary Ryan’s Books Music and Coffee. There were plenty of men in suits having earnest meetings. Browsing in a proper bookstore is a favourite occupation, but today I was here to draw a couple of people.  

Park Road Shoes and other buildings - ink & watercolour Zeta sketchbook

There was a good view of the modern buildings from across the road so I sat on a low wall and completed an ink drawing. I enjoyed the geometry of these buildings adding the watercolour later at home. Then I joined the other sketchers at La Dolce Vita caffe`. Here there is also plenty to sketch - statues, elaborate lights and of course people.These two statues look as though they are waiting on the gent in the centre!

La Dolce Vita - De Artramentis Fog Grey & W&N watercolour marker Zeta Sketchbook

Friday, 28 August 2015

Sharing Favourites II - Seth Godin

Seth Godin needs little introduction – he’s an author, entrepreneur and public speaker.
I love the fact that his posts are generally short and succinct – he cuts to the heart of the matter.

Artists are faced with this daily struggle – how does this painting/drawing/sculpture measure up? Is this any good? Am I wasting my time? We continually beat ourselves up over the standard and worth of our work, in an ever self-defeating cycle.

This post about has special relevance for artists.  

Read his wise words here: Compared to…

Love Dahlia - watercolour on paper 270mm x 270mm © 2015 Carol Lee Beckx
This painting will be exhibited in the Nundah Village Festival Art Exhibition in September.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sharing Favourites I - The Savvy Painter

Today I'm starting something new. It's a way of sharing posts and blogs that have become favourites over the last few years.

Hopefully it will become a regular feature of Art Matters so you can look forward to catching up with blogs and people I enjoy. I'm purposefully going to keep each post short and keep the focus on one artist, blog or a particular post that resonated with me. I'll add these links to a dedicated page at the top of the blog for future reference.

Strata - oil on canvas 760mm x 760mm © 2015 Carol Lee Beckx

Listening while you work 

Most artists have little rituals when they start work in the studio. My painting time begins when I put on my apron, originally black but now more white than black. While in the studio, I listen to music or talk shows on the radio. 

Recently I discovered The Savvy Painter, podcasts by Antrese Wood. Her podcasts are interviews with a wide range of artists. It's so much more than a podcast, however. It's a resource where you'll find information on other artists, art books, and much more. They talk about their work, their inspirations, art education amongst many other topics, ably directed by Antrese's insightful questions. Her lovely conversational tone makes these a delightful accompaniment to painting.

About an hour long, these discussions keep me painting. They keep my left brain occupied and informed while my right brain is free to work on creative solutions. If I get caught up in my painting and tune out, I simply stop the podcast and go back to replay a section I have missed.Sometimes I find if I have music playing, I listen too much - if that makes sense - and lose focus on my painting, words are easier to have running in the background. I'll be interested to know what you think about this.

Each podcast is accompanied by detailed notes on the episode including links to the website of the images of the artist being interviewed, other artists discussed, and books mentioned during the show. 

I hope you will enjoy the podcasts as much as I do.