Monday, 30 March 2015

Inspiration from Coolum Beach

My holiday at Coolum Beach in December was inspirational on many levels. Time to relax and sketch, time to sit and watch the sea - to hear the waves crashing on the rocks - all these things feed the soul. 

Here are two paintings done in the studio. However the inspiration for them lies not only in the photographs taken early on Christmas Eve, but also in the sketches done on the spot that morning. The beauty of digital photography is that there’s an accurate record of the time and place of each image. 

Watching - Coolum Beach  oil on canvas 910mm x 610mm © 2015 Carol Lee Beckx

Coolum  24th December 2014 6.54am oil on canvas 610mm x 610mm  © 2015 Carol Lee Beckx

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Introductions to Oils - Workshop

I have added a new page to Art Matters - all about Workshops in my Studio. 

The first workshop this year is an Introduction to Oils you can read more about it on the Workshops Page here.

Detail; Nymphaea - oil on canvas

This is an opportunity to experiment with oils without having to buy all the materials, especially if you don't know whether the medium is for you or not.

For more details and an Information Sheet please contact Carol:

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Serendipity is making desirable discoveries by accident; a pleasant surprise; whatever you want to call it - don't you just love it when something that you have been thinking or talking about pops up at the right moment?

Soon after I posted So what about your Inner Critic, the most wonderful post arrived in my inbox. I have been inspired by Catherine Drea's photography for some time now. She lives in Ireland and has been awarded Irish Blog award for Best Photography blog for 2013 and 2014 photographer. If ever I need to be uplifted, I visit her blog Foxglove Lane

When I started reading 10 Tips in Contemplative Photography practice I thought: This relates so much to what I was talking about in the Inner Critic post - and written so eloquently. 

Catherine has kindly allowed me to talk about her post and link it here. Please read this - and if you are a painter rather than a photographer just think in terms of a sketchbook instead of a camera. (Although taking a contemplative photographic approach to finding painting inspiration would be a good idea as well.)

I'm just going to list the tips here but please, please read the full post - the advice is so relevant. You’ll love the photography too…

.And special thanks to my friend and fellow artist, Jennie Castle who introduced me to Foxglove Lane